Spring Cleaning


    At least once yearly, you’ll want to do a thorough cleaning of your home that takes care of every nook and cranny to prepare yourself for the New year. Nothing beats living in a spick and span fresh home, that’s why you need our Spring Cleaning service. From only $450 a session, you can expect a sparkling clean home without worrying about what cleaning equipment you need to prepare as it will all be provided.

    This package covers the following areas:

    Living Spaces
    • Wiping of all surfaces including aircon exterior
    • Vacuuming and mopping of floors
    • Cleaning of fans and light fixtures
    • Wiping of cabinet interiors and shelves (if empty)
    • Cleaning of windows and window frames
    • Wiping of all surfaces (including empty cabinets, sinks, dining tables and tiled walls)
    • Rubbish disposal
    • Vacuuming and mopping of floors
    • Cleaning of kitchen appliances (including interior and exterior of refrigerator, stove, cooker hood)
    • Cleaning of all surfaces (including toilet bowls, bathtub and/or shower area, glass surfaces, mirrors, basins and taps, floor, wall tiles)
    • Rubbish disposal
    • Tidying of shelves and racks (if empty)
    • Wiping of all surfaces (including air-con exterior, window interior, frames, fans, light fixtures, cabinet interiors and exteriors, shelves)
    • Rubbish disposal
    • Vacuuming and mopping of floors
    • Tidying of racks and drawers (if empty)
    *Services Not Included
    • Handyman services
    • Moving & disposal of furniture
    • Wiping of walls and ceilings
    • Wiping of individual items
    • Steam and/or cleaning of curtains/blinds


    How to Get Started:

    1. Select your preferred date and time.
    2. Add this service to your cart and checkout.
    3. Secure your booking and make payment online.
    4. We will get in touch with you upon receiving your booking.
    5. Relax and enjoy while we do the cleaning for you.
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