Carpet Cleaning


Many may think that regularly cleaning their carpets using a vacuum cleaner is good enough, however the truth is far from it. A regular vacuum cleaner can only clean a fraction of the dirt, dust and crumbs. A large portion of them including germs, bacteria and dust mites are left breeding and may cause allergies or illnesses. Have a peace of mind and let us do the deep cleaning for you, a one-time cleaning goes a long way.

Steam Cleaning

  • Use of hot vapour
  • 99% effectiveness in killing germs, bacteria and allergens
  • Breakdown of dirt
  • Suitable for synthetic fiber


  • Use of chemicals and extractor equipment
  • 99% effectiveness in killing germs, bacteria and allergens
  • Deep removal of moisture and dirt
  • Lighten stains and odour
  • Suitable for natural fiber

How to Get Started:

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  2. Add this service to your cart and checkout.
  3. Secure your booking and make payment online.
  4. We will get in touch with you upon receiving your booking.
  5. Relax and enjoy while we do the cleaning for you.
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