Tips To Get Your Home Sparkly Clean

Tips To Get Your Home Sparkly Clean

Raise your hand if maintaining a clean home is completely overwhelming. Or if you frequently neglect certain areas and then discover dust, rust, or grime there. We know. That’s why we’ve come up with these incredible tips to save you from that nightmare of having a messy home. 

Really, very few people enjoy cleaning. We all enjoy having a clean home, but who wouldn’t gladly forego cleaning the toilet in favor of hanging out with friends or spending some quiet time watching Netflix? It’s a good thing that cleaning can be simplified. You may maintain your clean home without spending all of your time scrubbing with a sponge by completing housekeeping tasks on a regular basis. Everyone despises cleaning, yet everyone enjoys living in a clean home. Is there a quick, efficient way to clean your home? We assure you, it’s pretty simple.

The majority of us aren’t sure if they should vacuum or dust first. They debate whether it is best to clean the bathroom first or the kitchen first. We’ve got all your queries answered! 

To make the most of your time and clean your house quickly, follow the tips that we’ve compiled for you to make your home cleaning and spring cleaning less daunting and more efficient! 

  1. Declutter! 

You could start to feel a little crowded now that the majority of us spend most of our days at home. Your house, which also serves as a home office, is being overtaken by laptops, toys, and everything else. To decrease stress in your house and create more space, we’re giving some straightforward decluttering advice.

Split your clutter into a few different sections. To be recycled, to be repaired, to be thrown away or to be recycled. This is a good starting point so that you can easily identify your items and start decluttering where necessary. Any additional items that don’t belong in one of these bins should have a proper home in the space you are decluttering. Pick them up and put them where they belong. 

  1. Start Dusting! 

Using microfiber cloths, go from left to right and from top to bottom. This will reduce allergies and enhance the quality of the air in your home. For eliminating cobwebs, mops and brooms with dampened towels tied to the ends work nicely. Use the thread to close the slatted blinds one way, dust them, then close them the other way and repeat.

Compared to attempting to install one slat at a time, it is effective and much more efficient. The tops of your doors, fans, light fixtures, picture frames. Use glass cleaner on a cotton cloth or microfiber to clean the face of framed pictures, TV displays, and computer monitors to prevent streaks. 

  1. Vacuum! 

Never expect that a strong suction will completely clean an area in one pass. Vacuuming is best done by beginning in one corner of the room and moving horizontally across it. By doing it this way, you may clean thoroughly and effectively while making sure that every area is covered.

You must occasionally rearrange the furniture if you want to vacuum effectively. Your tables and chairs may have observed dust accumulating around their legs, which simply expanded outward when you tried to vacuum in that area without moving the furniture. The time it takes to vacuum longer as a result of the added labor. 

The angles of your vacuum head is also significant since some dirt or debris are easier to pick up when the vacuum head is moved in a particular direction, which is especially true when cleaning carpets to remove pet hair. When you vacuum again, try doing this, and you’ll see how much cleaner the floors are!

  1. Mop! 

When you’re ready to mop the floor, combine your cleanser with some warm water. Half-fill the bucket with water so that when you dip the mop, it is entirely submerged. The mop needs to soak in the warm water if it is dried out before you start cleaning.

Start mopping at the farthest part of the space and work your way back toward the door. After finishing each 4 × 4 foot space, rinse the mop.

To allow the floor to air dry after mopping, you should open a window or door. The mistake that many individuals make is to dry the floor by themselves. Only when the streaks are significant should you dry a floor. Let the floor air dry if it is fully streak-free and clean. After that, you can start moving your furniture to its proper location. When you’re done, it’s crucial to hang the mop as well. Due to the dirt and grime it will be covered with, leaving the mop in the bucket will make it smell. Always remember to empty your water into the toilet rather than the sink in the kitchen where you prepare your meals.

  1. Furniture Freshening 

If you’re looking for a safer, chemical-free substitute for industrial sprays like Febreze, there are a number of efficient, all-natural methods for getting rid of scents from different types of furniture materials. Here’s a special tip. 

  • Baking Soda & Vacuum Trick 

Baking soda is a natural adsorbent, which means that when used properly, it has the ability to absorb odors. If your furniture is covered in fabric, put some baking soda in a salt shaker or other similar dispenser and generously sprinkle it on the areas you wish to freshen up.

Give baking soda time to neutralize as many odor-causing particles as it can because it doesn’t do its job instantly. The best amount of time is an hour or so, but in emergency scenarios you might just want to leave the baking soda on overnight. Once the time has passed, take the vacuum cleaner out and completely vacuum everything up. This should do the trick for freshening up your furniture. 

Although their effectiveness may vary, there are numerous air fresheners accessible online that don’t include harmful chemicals. Bad scents may respond best to a multifaceted strategy, so combining cleaning, baking soda, and a commercial spray can be very effective. 

If you’re too busy with your schedule or just plain lazy to clean up (we’re guilty too sometimes), you might want to try Cleaning Services Singapore. Easy, efficient, affordable and gets your home clean as best as possible. 

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