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Award-Winning One-Stop Cleaning Services in Singapore

From home cleaning to commercial cleaning to aircon services and even handyman services, there is no cleaning service we do not provide. With more than 20,000 5-star reviews and counting, we are the #1 preferred choice for cleaning services in Singapore.

Instant Same Day Cleaning

Have you ever tried engaging a cleaning service but the lead time is few days or even weeks later? Amidst our busy work schedules and hectic lives, we may overlook to plan in advance for cleaning. But good news, here at Cleaning Services Singapore, we provide an Instant 4-Hour Same Day Cleaning Service to solve all that. What it means is that upon confirmation of your booking, we can dispatch our professional cleaners down to your location in 4 hours.

Quick Seamless Booking

Skip the hassle of slow replies and complicated booking processes. It only takes 3 simple steps to make a booking with us. Simply select the service you wish to engage, choose your preferred date and time, make a deposit online and our cleaners will show up at your door.

100% Responsiveness

Nobody likes waiting. That is why we have dedicated customer service agents manning our communication channels. If you have any enquiries, they can be communicated via our Whatsapp with almost instantaneous replies and guidance. 

Sit Back, Relax and Leave the Cleaning to Us

Whether it is a general regular cleaning or deep cleaning that requires tough stubborn stains, we can get them cleaned. There are far more important things to worry for compared to home cleaning. So sit back and leave it to us! It is extremely important to choose a reputable cleaning service. Our highly trained professional cleaners are equipped with not only the right equipment, but also the experience and knowledge to make your home shine.

Post Renovation


Post Renovation Cleaning

After construction or renovation projects, a specialized cleaning service is often required to remove dust, debris, and construction residues from the property. Post-Reno cleaners clean the space thoroughly, making it ready for occupancy or use.

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Move Out Cleaning


Move-in/ Move-out Cleaning

This type of cleaning service is typically requested when tenants are moving in or out of a property. Move-in cleaning ensures the new occupants enter a clean and sanitized space, while move-out cleaning prepares the property for the next tenants.

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Deep Clean


Deep/ Spring Cleaning

Deep cleaning services involve a thorough and intensive cleaning of the entire property. It goes beyond regular cleaning tasks and includes cleaning areas that are often neglected, such as behind appliances, inside cabinets, baseboards, and other hard-to-reach spots. Find out more in our “All You Need to Know About Cleaning Services”.

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frequently asked questions

How do I make a booking?

There are 2 simple ways to make a booking. You can either do it online or offline, whichever is more convenient for you.

  1. Online Booking
    • Select your required service
    • Choose your preferred date and time
    • Add it to your cart
    • Checkout and make payment online
  2. Offline Booking
    • Communicate with us via Whatsapp or Email (sgcleaningservices.sg@gmail.com)
    • Select your required service
    • Confirm your preferred date and time
    • Make payment via Paynow, Paylah or Bank Transfer
What should I do if I require to make any changes to my booking?

You may simply Whatsapp or Email (sgcleaningservices.sg@gmail.com) us within 24 hours of your scheduled booking to either reschedule or cancel at no additional cost.

What is the difference between Cleaning Services Singapore and other companies?

The biggest difference is that we provide instant same day cleaning, as fast as within 4-hours. Unlike any typical cleaning company which require days or even weeks beforehand and sometimes even no-show, we can dispatch our professional cleaners down to your location in 4 hours. We have no hidden costs and all charges are transparent. Our communication channel is extremely responsive and instantaneous so you will no longer have deal with poor customer service ever again.

How does Cleaning Services Singapore ensure service quality?

All our cleaners go through an intensive training program of one month minimum before they are eligible to do actual jobs. They will be graded and monitored by our experienced supervisors regularly. You can be assured our cleaners display the highest level of professionalism and excellency.

Do I need to provide my own cleaning materials?

Yes for most part. Our cleaning professionals will advise you on the required materials. For other services like post renovation or deep cleaning, we will provide the required equipment and materials.

How long in advance do I need to make the booking?

We will recommend you to make the booking at least 24 hours in advance. However if you require, we do provide an instant 4-hour cleaning service where our cleaners can arrive at your location in 4 hours.

Do I have to be physically there during the cleaning process?

We will strongly recommend you to be present at least on the first booking to orientate our cleaners and communicate your requirements.

What is the difference between regular cleaning and deep cleaning?

General regular cleaning focuses mainly on surface areas without the use of any heavy duty cleaning equipment or solutions. Deep cleaning, on the other hand, removes tough stains or hidden spots where the regular cleaning does not cover. Deep cleaning is usually more suitable for move-in move-out, post-renovation or spring cleaning.

How do I make payment and what are your payment methods?

If you are making payment online, you can do it via credit cards like Visa, Mastercard or American Express. Offline payments include Paynow, Paylah and Bank Transfers.

Any other charges or hidden costs?

Be rest assured that we have 0 hidden costs. Everything will be communicated to you before we proceed with any of our service.

hear from our happy customers

Thank you Jason for the top notch service and quality of work done! Was looking around for cleaning services as my tenancy was almost up for handover. Found Cleaning Services Singapore and I was very satisfied and impressed by their services. The whole unit looked brand new after cleaning and my landlord even asked me to introduce the company I engaged.

Laura Chew

I engage Cleaning Services Singapore to do home cleaning on a weekly basis as I am living alone in a rented condo. Have tried many other companies but I got to say that Cleaning Services Singapore is the best out there and also very cheap in their prices. The whole process is just so simple and quick, I can even book cleaning on the day itself.

Han Wei

My friends (not one, but three) recommended Cleaning Services Singapore to me when I was looking around for a post reno clean. Service was excellent and work done was 10/10! During the handover I was looking high and low for areas that required additional touch ups but there were none. Highly recommend this company to anyone who requires cleaning!


I have had my fair share of good and bad experiences when it comes to cleaning services. The good ones were pricey and their schedules were packed with waiting times up to a few weeks. Cleaning Services Singapore was my saviour and go-to now with their same day cleaning service and affordable prices. Loved dealing with Jason and whole process was incredibly good!


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